Yen Gan specializes in manufacturing gas stove switches with more than 20-years professional production experience. Main products include various kinds of valves, corkers, valves, gases, liquid switch swing stoppers and many other precision parts for CNC lathes. Yen Gan products are superior in quality and precision that have been acclaimed many users around the globe and OEM orders for switches and relative accessories. are very well received from international giant stove manufacturers. Yen Gan products are sold to Europe, USA, South-East, Australia, Africa and main land China. Stove manufacturers and trading houses are welcome to join us to develop great market potentials.
▲ 20 CNC lathe: Maximum machine is 8 inches, can be processed Φ250mm the workpiece.
▲ 3 sets of CNC milling machine: max bench to one meter and a switching desktops.
▲ 16 sets of drilling equipment.